Your registration expires on January 31 of each year. You must therefore renew it annually. The College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba (CPM) advises you to renew early in the January as processing time can be 5-7 business days.


CPM will send you information on the renewal process in mid-December.

The renewal package will include:

  • Renewal deadline
  • Information on how to access the renewal page from the CPM website
  • Details on professional liability insurance requirements
  • Registration fee

You must complete the registration renewal process between January 1 – 31 using one of these options:

  • Visit Registrant Login to complete your registration renewal online or
  • Call CPM to request a paper renewal form and mail or hand-deliver your renewal package to CPM (please note that the CPM office is open by appointment only)

A renewal is complete only when you have:

  • Paid the registration renewal fee
  • Provided all required documents such as complete forms and evidence of professional liability insurance


The registration renewal fee for Active Practice is $861.00 (2024).

We offer the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • E-Transfer
  • Cash

CPM pro-rates registration renewal fees only once per year, on August 1 of each year.

We do not offer rebates on registration renewal fees. For example, if you plan to begin maternity leave in February or cease working in July because of sick leave, you are still required to pay for a full year of registration.


Delivery of hard copies of required documents must be made by 4:00 pm on January 31st or a late fee may apply (please see below).

Late Fees

The College accepts completed renewals from January 1 – 31 without penalty. If you complete your renewal after January 31, you are subject to a 20% late fee.

Failure to Renew

If you fail to complete your registration renewal:

  • You will no longer be registered with CPM
  • You can no longer legally practice physiotherapy in Manitoba
  • CPM will notify your employer

Please Note


If you are to work on February 1st, leave yourself sufficient processing time.

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