June 27, 2018

Public Member Recruitment

The College of Physiotherapist if currently seeking applications from individuals interested in serving as a Public Member of the Complaints Committee. The term will commence in September 2018.

Selection Criteria:

The candidate for selection should:

  • have an interest in health and be informed on health matters generally
  • have time to devote to the role
  • have an interest in providing public service
  • have good communication skills
  • Preferably have previous committee or board experience or volunteer or work experience that demonstrates acting in the public interest. This is considered an asset and not necessarily a requirement for selection
  • Have the ability to work well as part of a team and contribute reasoned opinion

Information on Complaints Committee Role:  The Complaints Committee is a standing committee of the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba for the purpose of considering written complaints lodged against any member of the College. The role of the public member is to actively participate in the decision making of the complaints committee and to address issues that are critical to physiotherapy practice. The public member’s role is to provide the committee with a public perspective.

The public member is appointed for a two year term of office starting in September 2018. Complaints Committee meetings are held monthly from September to June, usually for three – four hours per meeting. Occasionally, special meetings may be called.

If you would like more information on this role, please contact the Registrar at (204) 287-8502.

Apply for the Volunteer Position:
To submit your name, or a name of someone you know, please download and complete the Public Member Volunteer Application form. Return it to the College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba by either mail, email or fax:

College of Physiotherapists of Manitoba
1465 A Pembina Highway
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3T 2C5
Fax: (204) 474-2506

Public Member Volunteer Application Form (PDF)

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