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Section 3(1)(a) of the Physiotherapists Act, C.C.S.M. c. P65 (the “Act”) forbids any person, not registered as a physiotherapist with the College of the Physiotherapists of Manitoba (the “College”), from representing that he or she is a physiotherapist or is entitled to engage in the practice of physiotherapy as a physiotherapist in the province of Manitoba. Consequently, in Manitoba, only individuals who are registered with the College as physiotherapists can call themselves physiotherapists or physical therapists or use the abbreviation PT.

It is important that clients or patients know who is delivering their care. In choosing a physiotherapist registered with the College, the public can be assured that their care-provider is qualified to provide physiotherapy. The College has a public register which provides details of all individuals registered as physiotherapists with the College and indicates any additional qualifications or conditions attaching to the license of a registered physiotherapist.

On occasion, individuals who are not physiotherapists may pretend that they are physiotherapists and they may try to treat patients. This is illegal in Manitoba. The people who are doing this are called unregulated practitioners or referred to as individuals who are “holding out”. Please contact the College at (204) 287-8502 or info@manitobaphysio.com if you have information to suggest that any person may be holding himself out as a physiotherapist, physical therapist, or PT in Manitoba. The College takes each such report under serious consideration.


The following individual is NOT registered with the College and is NOT eligible to use the titles physiotherapist, physical therapist, or PT or engage in the practice of physiotherapy in the province of Manitoba:

Kelvin Kar Hang Cheung
Practiced in Dryden , Ontario
Resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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