Practice Based Competency Assessment (PBCA) Program

The Practice Based Competency Assessment (PBCA) is the clinical evaluation chosen by Council in Manitoba. The PBCA is an evaluation of entry to practice competence across several domains. The evaluation consists of chart audits, scored interviews with the candidate and supervisor(s), evaluation of the ACP forms and an evaluation of a practice reflection. Scores are based on standardized expectations, criteria and outcomes.  In order to move the Active Register, an Examination Candidate must pass an approved Clinical Evaluation. A candidate will not be eligible to practice physiotherapy in Manitoba if they fail three attempts at a clinical evaluation or exceed 2 years on the Exam Candidate register, whichever comes first.

Eligibility Criteria for Assessment

  1. Applicants must have been registered on the Exam Candidate Register in Manitoba for a minimum of 6 months.
  2. Applicants must have successfully completed 1200 hours of supervised practice in Manitoba. These hours must be confirmed by a signed letter from the employer on workplace letterhead.
  3. Applicants must not have any outstanding complaints or be subject to any unresolved discipline proceedings.


Practice Hours – Verified Practice Hours  – the 1200 hours will need to be verified by your employer on company letterhead. A majority of these hours need to be in direct patient care. If verified by the employer, a minimal number of hours can be submitted pertaining to mentorship activities and formal education.

Practice – the 1200 hours and minimum 6 months practicing must occur in Manitoba

Timeline – an Examination Candidate must have worked a minimum of 6 months in Manitoba to apply, however there is a maximum time allowed on the Examination Candidate Register (2 years)

Complaint – Having an open complaint or discipline decision will PAUSE the ability to apply for or proceed through the PBCA process. The complaint/discipline proceeding would need to be resolved before proceeding/applying


  1. Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria will submit required information to the CPM office for processing. Required documentation includes a completed Application Form, Verified Practice Hours Letter from all employers on company letterhead and ACPs from all supervisors completed within 4 weeks of the application date.
  2. CPM will verify the application and applicant eligibility. Ineligible applicants will be informed in writing by CPM. Eligible applicants will be asked to submit supporting documents for assessment.

Applicants must pay the associated fee for the PBCA clinical assessment prior to initiating the PBCA program. Fee for 2024- $1250 (Once the Application is approved you will receive the invoice via the Registration Database where you paid for your license).


  • Candidates must pass 3 of the 4 components AND have an overall score of 80% or higher for an overall pass. It is mandatory to pass the candidate interview portion of the assessment for anyone registering as an Examination Candidate after July 5, 2023. A failing score on the candidate interview would result in an automatic failure.
  • Scoring will also consider any red or yellow flags identified in practice. If there are significant safety and practice concerns identified (one red flag or multiple yellow flags) by the evaluator, this may lead to failure of the assessment regardless of the overall score.

The Practice Based Assessment (PBCA) will evaluate four (4) components weighted as follows:

  1. Candidate Interview: 35% (Mandatory passing score required)
  2. Supervisor Assessment (ACP form (15%) and Interview (20%)): 35%
  3. Chart Audit: 25%
  4. Practice Reflection: 5%

Once the PBCA process is complete, the final report is submitted to the College by the assigned Evaluator. This final report will be taken to the next Board of Assessors meeting for the committee’s review. The Board of Assessors (BOA) is a College committee that reviews the Practice Based Competency Assessment final reports and will pass a motion regarding an Examination Candidate’s
ability to apply for a full Active license. This decision will be communicated to the Examination Candidate within 7 business days of the BOA meeting date. The Board of Assessors meets regularly, and the PBCA final report will be taken to the next scheduled meeting date.

If an Examination Candidate successfully passes the PBCA based on the Board of Assessor’s decision, they can apply for Active licensure with the College. The required documentation for this process will be communicated to the Examination Candidate. If the Examination Candidate does not successfully pass the PBCA, they will need to continue under Supervised Practice until they have successfully passed a Clinical Evaluation.

PLEASE NOTE: An individual will not be eligible to practice physiotherapy in Manitoba if they fail three attempts at a clinical evaluation or exceed 2 years on the Examination Candidate register, whichever comes first.

The 2024 Board of Assessor’s meetings are scheduled for:

June 12, 2024

August 21, 2024

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Fax: (204) 474-2506

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