April 8, 2024

Council Update – Mask Use

At the April 3, 2024 meeting of Council, the use of masks and Shared Health’s clinically informed approach to management of respiratory illnesses in Manitoba was reviewed.

Individual physiotherapists may now exercise discretion in deciding on mask use, prioritizing the health and safety of patients, fellow staff, and their work surroundings.

If a physiotherapist works in the public sector, please continue to follow the clinical guidelines provided from your employer including the current masking requirement.

Council continues to recommend the use of masks during direct patient care, and physiotherapists are encouraged to follow these best practice guidelines:

  • Assess the risk of your patient population and use your knowledge, skill, and judgement when making the decision to wear a mask.
  • Honor a patient’s request if they ask you to wear a mask.
  • Maintain a mask-friendly environment where all patients, staff and other visitors feel comfortable wearing a mask.

Please note, these changes are effective immediately.

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